Public Consultations on Gateway’s Casino Plan in Delta Seek to Gather Public Feedback

Delta residents have the chance to weigh in on Gateway’s proposed entertainment complex in Ladner once again and voice their opinion on the matter. In September last year, British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) gave preliminary approval for the development of a new entertainment complex at Town & Country Inn. Since then, a series of public consultation sessions have been conducted by both Gateway Casinos and the City of Delta with the idea to gather feedback from the public before the wheels are put in motion.
Two more public consultation meetings are scheduled to take place this Wednesday and Thursday at the Sungod Recreation Centre and at the Harris Barn in Ladner, respectively. Both sessions are to start at 4 pm local time and continue till 8 pm. At the open house-style meetings, people will be given additional details regarding the planned entertainment complex. Attendees will have the chance to talk to representatives for Gateway and discuss the pros and cons of hosting a new gaming and entertainment complex in Ladner.
Another multi-civic committee meeting to discuss Gateway’s casino project is scheduled to take place on 15th February at Harris Barn at 7 pm. It will be also open to the public. These public consultation meetings aim at providing information on Gateway’s application and answer questions. The application involves Gateway’s rezoning request to permit the construction of the entertainment complex. The company behind the project is expected to submit its rezoning application this April.
Gateway’s Casino Plan Accepted with Mixed Feelings
The C$70 million construction investment would spread over 162,678 square feet. The entertainment complex is to include a fully-equipped casino, which is to occupy approximately 47,000 square feet of space.
In addition to that, the gambling operator is to attract the attention of people from all walks of life, as the entertainment complex is to include a number of non-gambling amenities, including dining lounges, bars and clubs. A boutique 116-room hotel complex will be also added to Gateway’s casino proposal. As for parking spaces, the complex is to offer 800 parking lots for its guests.
Even though Gateway’s project sounds like a good investment for Delta’s economy, the local residents and officials showed mixed reactions towards the casino. Those, who took an anti-casino stance on the matter explained that a new entertainment complex is to have a negative impact on the society and it is to cannibalize the profitability of the local business enterprises. Gateway’s plans to demolish the indoor tennis court also vexed tennis players and enthusiasts, who explained that the city needs an indoor sports facility.
Casino proponents, on the other hand, explained that a new entertainment complex is to bring fresh money to the city’s shrinking budget coffers and attract out-of-the-city visitors, who will spend their money in Delta. This will not only stabilize the local economy, but also foster the local businesses.

CA$17.6m Lotto 6/49 Winner Kept Scanning Ticket in Disbelief

Lottery winnings and fortunate people bagging their prizes have abounded across the Canadian provinces over the past few days. Lotto 6/49 is among the preferred lottery offerings able to change their lives, as it happened with a Mississauga player now CA$17.6-million richer. He recently bagged his lotto prize and took a photo with the coveted cheque with the fortune written on it.

Dwayne Reid is among the latest lottery millionaires on a national level that has the lottery to thank for his changed life. November 230 was a lucky day for him, as this is when Lotto 6/49 decided to make his lottery ticket the winning one via matching all numbers needed for the major cash prize. This is how the numbers that might have a special significance for him guaranteed him la dolce vita.
Mississauga Player Wins Big

Mr. Reid reported using the special OLG Lottery App making the entire process much easier. Players have the chance to scan their tickets and instantly find out whether they are winners or not. This prevents accidental errors from happening while comparing the numbers drawn with the numbers written on the lotto ticket.

Pollard Enhances Lotto Offerings with CA$13.4m mkodo Purchase

Upon scanning a winning ticket, the mobile app produced a full-fledged celebratory notification making it clear that the user is a winner. It also displays the entire amount of cash they are eligible for. This is usually the moment when most people forget how to perceive numbers in an adequate manner and fail to take the information in. The amount of zeroes displayed on the screen is often perceived as a smaller sum.

Group of Six Lotto MAX Millionaires Plan their Future in Quebec

Mr. Reid scanned his ticket several times, just to make sure he was not mistaken. In addition to the major jackpot, the player also managed to bag a CA$5 prize, as he was lucky in another selection of the Lotto 6/49 ticket. He has always been a lottery aficionado with winnings in the previous lotto draws as well.
Ontario Players Celebrate Cash Prizes
He revealed that 2015 was also generous to him, as he bagged a CA$6,000 prize from a Lotto MAX draw. This most recent winning came as a result of a ticket purchased at a Shopper’s Drug Mart in Mississauga that is now eligible for one percent of the overall cash prize. In other news, another Lotto 6/49 ticket purchased in Hamilton is now eligible for a cash prize of CA$2.5 million.

Birthday Wishes Come True with Lotto 6/49, Dog Hears First

The overall CA$5-million jackpot prize was split between the Hamilton ticket and another one purchased somewhere in Quebec. The two lottery players thought alike and managed to become eligible for the Main prize coming with the most recent Lotto 6/49 draw. Another Ontario individual was also fortunate enough to bag big cash with the help of a single winning Lotto MAX ticket.

Lotto 6/49 Sprinkles CA$1m Prizes around Ontario Like Confetti

Lynval Baylis of Walkerton is the individual bagging half of a Maxmillions prize. He recently took a photo with the CA$500,000 cheque he was eligible for and his upcoming plans include the purchase of a house for himself and his family, as well as sharing it with them for various dreams come true. November 26 was when the winning Lotto MAX draw took place.

Canada’s Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Gives Publicity to Lower Rent Proposal

Canada’s biggest casino operator Gateway Casinos & Entertainment has advised London city hall and the Western Fair District to lower lease payments or sell the land, so that the operator can realize its project to expand the slot-only gambling venue at the (Western) fairgrounds. The company announced that a decreased ground-lease rental rate is to significantly cut the costs of the operator and the operator will be able to invest more in the casino project.
Gateway added that reducing the rent is also in the interest of the city of London, as it gets a fair share of the revenue. And when the industry booms, tax revenue jumps. Councillor Phil Squire expressed his readiness to consider the proposal supposing that the operator provides more detail-oriented information and accurate numbers.
Yesterday, Gateway spokesperson Rob Mitchell shared that the operator’s priority is to expand the gambling venue at Western Fair District, but the overpriced rent may force Gateway to abandon its plan. The slot-only venue expansion has been put $140 million price tag. The operator announced its interest in building a full-fledged casino, which is to be 3 times bigger than the existing one.
Mr. Mitchell hinted that the operator does not exclude any other options in the city, but he refrained from providing any more details. He said that the expansion of the casino is also to decrease the unemployment rate. At present, Western Fair District employs 300 people, but the number is expected to increase up to 1,000. Last but not least, the expansion of the gambling venue is to capitalize on the opportunity to attract people with various interests and thus boost multiple industries and the overall economy.
Today, city officials met behind closed doors and discussed the lease the city has with Western Fair. Currently, OLG has an agreement with London city hall and Western Fair District to pay approximately $6 million a year. The deal expires in 2020 and Gateway is seeking to renegotiate the terms of the deal, emphasizing on the ground-lease rental rates. It is interesting to mention that the land is jointly owned by the city and Western Fair.
City Official Wants to Hear the Operator’s Proposal
Councillor Phil Squire asked from the operator to present more detailed information and particular numbers. He announced that his stance on the matter is neutral and he wants to support only the option, which is in the city’s best interest. Consequently, he is to estimate if the decrease of the rent is to bring more economic benefits and higher revenues to the city. Mr. Squire added that the rental rate might be viewed as reasonable, having in mind the specific nature of the casino.
He also asked the casino operator if it is to contribute to the problem gambling treatment in the city. At this moment, Coun. Squire did not give a green light to the casino expansion, as this is not the first time, in which someone presents a half-baked building project.

Lotto 6/49 Player Snatch CA$5M Prize Once More, Could Treasure Chest Run Dry?

This month has been a rather generous one for the Lotto 6/49 enthusiasts that purchase lottery tickets on a regular basis and make sure to be prepared for the two weekly draws. The Wednesday draw came with a jackpot reaching CA$5 million and a single ticket sold in Mattawa is now eligible for the fortune.
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation reminded that the winner has 52 weeks to claim their prize. Over the past few weeks, the Lotto 6/49 Main prize has been getting smaller and smaller with every draw, contrary to the popular belief that it should be growing.
This is because every other week there is a player snatching the prize, often times sharing it with several other Lotto 6/40 enthusiasts. This week’s jackpot came after three players managed to grab the CA$9 million jackpot at the beginning of this month.
Lotto 6/49 Benefits Ontario
Regardless of the frequency of Main prize winning, it is unlikely that Lotto 6/49’s treasure chest would run dry, as more and more players make potentially winning ticket purchases. The only thing that gives away the frequent jackpot claims is the minimum amount of CA$5 million and the fewer Guaranteed CA$1 Million Prizes.

Lotto 6/49 Player Uses Birthday Charm for Ticket Purchase, Wins CA$1M Guaranteed Prize

September 11 came with a jackpot reaching CA$5 million and a single CA$1-million guaranteed cash pile. As it turned out, both of those hefty prizes were claimed, the first one by a player hailing from Mattawa.

Lotto MAX Survives Once Again, Returns Even Heavier while Lotto 6/49 Gets Lighter

The town in northern Ontario might be the home of Canada’s next lottery millionaire, if they claim it in a timely manner. The winning numbers drawn were 02, 04, 27, 36, 45, 49, plus the bonus one 41.

Lotto MAX CA$50M Jackpot Snatched, Three Other Slice CA$9M Lotto 6/49 Pile

The fortunate piece of paper matched the first six numbers and could soon make its owner much richer. The Guaranteed CA$1 Million Prize could soon be claimed by a lucky Torontonian whose ticket had the numbers 57544963-06 printed on it. Both prizes would be up for grabs over the upcoming 12 months before they reach their expiry date.
More Prizes Claimed Recently
The past few days have been fortunate for more players across Ontario. A player from Hanover has the Instant Crossword Deluxe scratch game to thank for the recent unexpected money rain. Gregory Donaldson recently claimed his prize reaching CA$250,000 and he is still unable to comprehend the jackpot.

Lotto 6/49 Proves Generosity with ENCORE Draw Making Lotto Fans Filthy Rich

At first, he thought that the prize amounts to CA$250, but soon he realized that there were even more zeros to it. The 53-year-old Hanover resident purchased the lucky piece of paper at Hanover Foodland and paid some CA$10 for the scratch ticket. As a result of that, he would now be able to cover his debt, as well as possibly purchase a new home in the foreseeable future.

Landscaper Put CA$60M Lotto MAX Ticket in a Safe instead of Cashing It In

A couple from Chateauguay recently claimed another grand prize. Huguette Garceau and Denis Levac won CA$25,000 in the September 5 draw of La Poule aux Oeufs d’Or. However, at first the Mr. Levac would not believe Mrs. Garceau that they have in fact won the grand prize. The numbers on the screen have disappeared by the time she showed him, so her brother had to intervene and prove they are winners.

Macau Officials Discuss to Ban Off-Duty Casino Workers from Entering Gaming Areas

Macau’s gaming regulator looks to fight problem gambling issues by introducing a new legislative piece, focused on closing loopholes in the already existing gambling regulatory framework. Under the proposal, the casino employees will not be allowed to enter any gambling facility when off-duty. The idea is to be discussed at a one-month public consultation, which the government kicks off today and it is to end on 26th October.
In a press conference, which was held on Tuesday, the Director of the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ), Paulo Martins Chan, submitted the proposal as a point of discussion. He explained that the current law protects the common people, but not the people, who are directly involved in the casino games, including card dealers and casino staff. Mr. Chan backed up his stance, using data from the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS).
According to the survey, the number of casino dealers, who experience gambling problems is constantly growing. Mr. Chan provided a good reason for this tendency, highlighting that dealers and croupiers are more confident as they think to have better knowledge of the game. It became clear that the proposed ban on off-duty casino staff will not target the entire casino staff, but only the employees, who are in a direct contact with the casino or the game. To be more precise, these include table game supervisors, casino hosts, cashiers, pit managers and dealers. Supposing the bill enters the country’s legal framework, the wrongdoers are to be slapped a hefty fine between MOP1,000 and MOP10,000.
Apart from the casino employees, the consultation document aims to simplify the sanction procedures for gamblers under the allowed age of 21. It was proposed that people under the gambling age should be fined immediately once they are caught red-handed. The fine is to range between MOP1,000 to MOP10,000 and the wrongdoer will have 15 days to pay it voluntarily. The gambling facility will be also fined, paying a solid amount between MOP10,000 and MOP500,000. Here it is interesting to note that in 2012 Macau increased the minimum gambling age from 18 to 21.
Flaws in the Current Law
Under the current gambling law, casino employees are barred to gamble in the casino facilities, operated by their own employers. On the other hand, they are allowed to enter any other gambling complex and gamble at large. Supposing the bill is passed, that loophole will be closed and all casino employees besides administration staff, food and beverage workers, security guards, surveillance staff and performers will be restricted from entering casino floors. The officials proposed an exemption to the ban, applying the same rules for the barred casino employees as for the city’s civil servants, who are allowed to enter gambling facility only during the Chinese New Year holiday season.
DICJ pointed out that another major problem is that most of the detected wrongdoers, who do not comply with the gambling age are tourists. The current sanction procedures are quite clumsy and slow. In most of the cases, it turns out that the wrongdoer already left Macau, which makes the entire procedure expensive and time-consuming.

New York Racetrack Casinos Want Piece of the Sports Betting Pie Too

New York would soon be able to welcome sports betting operation in a regulated manner that is projected to bring substantial gaming revenue for fueling future projects. The New York Gaming Association recently made it clear it is among the supporters of sports wagering, but as of now gaming locations at racetracks appear to be excluded from the budding field action.
Wagering on sports events is a budding field across the United States, as about a year ago the Supreme Court overrules PASPA. This allowed every stated to come up with its own regulation of the future field and make sure that it is a mutually beneficial relationship. Ever since then many of the states have been working on perfecting that and New York is one of them.
Racetracks Casinos Want In on Sports Wagering
Up until now, the conversation has been revolving around the four Upstate New York land-based casino venues and the tribal operation within the state. As of recently, the group including the management of casino halls at racetracks has joined the conversation, striving to make a change. Aqueduct Racetrack and Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack casino management among others pointed out that inclusion should be visible throughout the field.
They expressed their position that sports wagering would be beneficial for the gaming field and the local economy, but gaming venues located on racetracks should also have the chance to enter the budding field. As of this moment, Senator Joseph Addabbo and Assemblyman Gary Pretlow are the two officials that have filed sports betting regulation language. According to the group, this legislation is restrictive to the future field.
The currently existing proposed bills appear to exclude gaming venues located on racetracks and prevent them from entering the race. The New York Gaming Association pointed out that they would want to have a slice of the potentially prosperous field in the foreseeable future. The group introduced its position in a special letter addressing the issue to Mr. Addabbo.
Online Sports Betting Still a Hot Topic
Commercial casino venues and tribal ones should not be the sole locations where sports wagering is available for New Yorkers. This is the racetrack gaming halls management’s position expressed in the letter and they would seek a change ahead of sports wagering launch in New York. Michael Kane, President of the New York Gaming Association, pointed out that the group sought a more diplomatic approach.
Back in 2013, the organization protested previously announced plans for as many as seven gaming venues. They had the capacity to cannibalize the field and oversaturate it. Gov. Andrew Cuomo was a supporter of the move at the time. A topic of wide discussion at the moment is the potential mobile sports wagering available in New York, that still appears to be a harder task to accomplish.
Resorts World Catskills, Rivers Casino and Resort Schenectady, del Lago Resort and Casino, and Tioga Downs would feature land-based sports wagering solely. Local lawmakers have little time left before they would have to give a green light to the field with or without online sports betting. It is clear that the gaming revenue would drop to US$48.3 million a year if players could bet in real life only. For reference, more than US$1 billion is projected from both online and offline wagering.

Behind the Curtains of Four Winds Casino Construction in South Bend

On Tuesday, 22nd August, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians, the local tribe known to be the owner of the casino under construction in South Bend, announced that the realization of the casino project is going on schedule, providing the local media with a brief look from the inside.
Currently, the casino is under construction, but the local tribe announced that the gambling facility will be ready to open its doors at the beginning of the next year. This means that in less than six months the construction site will turn into a complete casino, throwing the cards in the air. The band added that the construction plan is according to schedule, pointing out that the casino is to contribute to the development of the city.
Passing by the main State Road 2 of the city, it is impossible to overlook all the builders, who are laying the foundations of the circular-shaped future casino. The most curious of you might be interested to know in which phase of the construction project is the soon-to-become gambling facility.
The casino is to be built in the shape of a rotunda, with a circular ground plan, boasting a spectacular wooden décor. The project of the building itself reminds of the tribe’s Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo. According to some people, the circular shape featuring a wooden décor recalls of the traditional hand-made wooden baskets of the tribe. The work on the outer structure of the building and the adjacent parking space is reaching the finish line.

According to the project, the gaming floor is to occupy 55,000 square feet, offering 1,800 slot machines. The gaming facility is to offer also non-gambling options including 5 restaurants and 3 bars. One of the restaurants will also offer barbecue area and two others will offer live performances.
Additional Details
It is worth to mention that the casino will not offer casino table games such as blackjack, roulette, poker and others due to the fact that the tribe did not ask for the state’s agreement to offer such games so far. The initial project also does not include a hotel complex, but it was shared that it might be included later on once the work on the casino project is completed.
In an interview with Frank Freedman, Chief Operating Officer of Four Winds Casinos, he explained that the complex is to welcome even people, who are not interested in casino games, as the casino is located in a very strategic position, offering easy access from all sides.
Benefits for the City
Summing up all the pieces of the puzzle, it seems that the local tribe will soon celebrate the grand opening of the casino, which is to improve the financial status of the city and decrease the unemployment rate. Moreover, South Bend will attract more visitors, which will also develop the tourism sector in the city. It is worth to mention that the tribe is old in the casino trade, as it is known to operate 3 other casinos in New Buffalo, Dowagiac and Hartford.

BCLC Seeks Experienced Partner for Anti-Money Laundering Monitoring System

British Columbia seeks a money laundering solution that could actually change the landscape in the province and restore people’s trust in the system. British Columbia Lottery Corporation is willing to take matters into its own hands and look for the most determined partner that would come with an anti-money laundering solution. A pre-qualification is available online at the moment and the levels of interest are projected to be high.
At this point, money laundering is associated with British Columbia’s gambling field and especially so with the Lower Mainland casino venues that have been among the preferred ones for high roller casino players and foreigners. Often times in the past they have been joined by younger males with bags of cash, who are the so-called loan sharks supplying them with casino buy-in and constant cash refuel. Battling this practice has become increasingly hard, evident by the most recent pieces of information revealed in Dr. Peter German’s second report on cash washing.
Casino Money Laundering Continues
The partially released report points out that over the span of the past 12 months solely, some CA$7.4 billion has been washed through the province, including fields to the likes of gambling and the real estate field. In this situation, the gaming field managed to wash about CA$2 billion, but this is still considered being a substantial amount.
BCLC realizes that the existing tools for battling the illegal practice are outdated and incapable of handling the task in an adequate manner. In the past, about CA$7.3 million was spent on the existing solution, which was condemned by Dr. German as an ineffective one. A US-based company offered one that has previously been used in financial institutions.
In this sense, it failed to meet the expectations and requirements, meaning that existing approaches were utilized once again. Dr. German said that the approach should be changed in general with a brand new contractor, instead of investing more of voters’ money in the ineffective solution. The new solution that should replace it has to offer a modern approach.
New Solution Could Come Soon
Anyone interested in applying for the responsible position that would aim to transform the field could do this online. Among the future responsibilities of this solution would be keeping a close eye on online gambling, Patron Gaming Fund accounts, Source of Funds reporting as well as continuous monitoring of certain customers and their transactions.
Contractors applying online would have to prove that they are worthy for the position by demonstrating that their system has been applied in a casino field. Listing Canada-based locations that have already benefitted from it would also be a positive boost in the right direction for the proponents. Once it is greenlighted, the system would have to cover both online and brick-and-mortar casino venues in British Columbia. They will have until May 24 to apply for the position.
Meanwhile, public inquiry becomes an increasingly popular topic across the province. Even though Great Canadian Gaming Corporation and Gateway Casinos & Entertainment are leaders in the field, the public inquiry step could lead to a potential government takeover of casino operation. Upcoming weeks are set to see development on the topic and money laundering system bidders.

Pennsylvania House Leader Warns State’s Budget May Remain in Deficit for Longer

On Thursday, 10th August, House Leader Dave Reed expressed concerns on the behalf of the Republicans that Pennsylvania may stay in the big budget gap for some more weeks, pointing out that the Senate’s proposed budget bill includes unreasonable increase of some utiliy taxes.
On 30th June, the state’s lawmakers finally passed a $32 billion budget-plan, but they could not agree on proper ways to fund it. It is not a secret that for some time Pennsylvania is suffering one of the biggest budget deficiencies. According to specialists, the state’s financial situation has never been that bad since the recession.
The lawmakers found some sources of additional revenues to fund the budget plan, but the House and the Senate could not reach a decision regarding certain topics like gambling. Thus, the two chambers remained stuck in the financial gap, trying to compromise on certain issues. Almost 2 months later, the lawmakers still do not have a particular plan, which places the state on the edge of an economic crisis.
But what seems to bother Mr. Reed is the rise of the taxes. He told that the amount of money, which the local government will reap from the higher taxes is just the same as from the taxes generated by video-gaming terminals (VGTs). House Democrats consider that the increase of the taxes is a sufficient measure to cope with the situation.
In fact, namely VGTs became the Apple of Discord between the two chambers. The House passed a gaming bill, which allows VGTs to be installed in liquor establishments. The idea was supported as an additional source of income for the local government. The Senate, on the other hand, opposed the idea, placing their concerns that the video betting machines may “steal” the customers of the land-based casinos, which finally managed to emerge on the surface. What is more is that the already established brick-and-mortar is a steady and sure income for the treasury.
The lack of a realistic and efficient solution may have very bad consequences for Pennsylvania. Mr. Reed placed hopes that the lawmakers will find the most appropriate solution for funding the budget plan by the end of August, as any more delays can sharply deteriorate the situation of the state. While the lawmakers are trying to find a consensus and come up with a plan of action, the legalization of the online gambling industry seems to be even a more lucrative perspective with every passing day.
It was reported that the next legislative session is set to take place on 11th September, but the legislators remain on standby due to the delicate situation.

North Bay Council Openly Demonstrates Casino Venue Would Be Generous to Community Organizations

North Bay is preparing for the future construction of a casino venue, but in the months leading to the official information issuing the City Council prepares with essential motions. At the most recent Council meeting Councilors Tanya Vrebosch and Johanne Brousseau introduced a motion that prompts a report on how community organizations could benefit from a casino venue operation through regular allocations.
In the foreseeable future Gateway Casinos and Entertainment is expected to work on its casino proposal and reveal more around the exact location where it is going to build its North Bay gambling venue. There have been discussions throughout the last few months, but for the time being, only previously mentioned parcels of land have been mentioned, without anything set in stone. Even though the community has not been that welcoming towards the idea of a new casino venue, now Council members are willing to warm them up to the idea with community organizations allocations.
Community Organizations Set to Benefit from Casino Revenue
With the help of this new motion, the Chief Administrative Officer will have the task to take care of a special report that will evaluate the possible allocations. Gaming revenue generated by the casino venue will be able to support various community projects and community organizations are projected to benefit from it as well. Projections show that the City could receive up to CA$2 million a year. Moreover, the report will also aim to clarify the criteria for qualifying for those regular allocations.
Councilors Vrebosch and Brousseau expect this report to be of great use in the upcoming several months, as this is a pivotal point of the entire project. Once all i’s are dotted and all t’s crossed, a committee is going to review it and take into account the information listed in it. At the moment there are many questions and details yet to be revealed when it comes to the casino operation in North Bay, but there is something the community should be aware of – the City Council wants to support North Bay organizations.
Bingo is one of the ways in which local charitable organizations continue existing, as the association is able to allocate around CA$1.2 million per year to some 60 local organizations. A new gaming venue might affect existing charitable bingo operation in North Bay and this has been among the main points expressed by the opposition of the casino venue. For the time being, Council members state they cannot make any estimations, as the construction has not even commenced. The only way they can reassure people is through this recent motion for a report.
Endangered Turtles Also Made their Way in the Conversation
In addition to this, the adopted motion also mandates that individuals experiencing gambling addiction would also receive adequate help and support in order to overcome their unhealthy interest in gambling. Prevention is also an essential part of battling the serious issue. At the moment there is no information on the number of people currently struggling with problem gambling which is why the board prompted baseline research that would shed more light.
It could be recalled that last year Hec Lavigne, Mayor of Callander indicated that once the casino venue launches operation neighboring communities should also have the opportunity to benefit from its operation. This could be possible with the help of a revenue-sharing arrangement that will include neighboring communities in addition to North Bay. At the City Council meeting, members also looked through claims that proposed Pinewood Park Drive construction will negatively affect the protected Blanding’s turtles natural habitat.
Save the Turtle, Stop the Casino is the group that raised awareness on this issue during last week’s meeting. However, Mrs. Brousseau pointed out that while the endangered species act was already in effect the area saw sports fields construction. In the last week, other possible locations have been discussed and they are the Steve Omischl Sports Complex, West Ferris arena, and Memorial Gardens. The casino operator has not yet pinpointed an exact location of future casino operation.