Could Bede Gaming Really be OLG’s Golden Ticket for Online Live Sports Betting and eSports Wagering?

Canada is not the first country which comes to mind when it comes to sports betting and the main reason for this is the fact that single-event sports betting is considered illegal within the borders of the country. One of the leading gaming forces in the region – the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is actively working towards providing its customers with more, which is why it has eyed the opportunity of elevating its online and mobile sports betting capacity.
Canadians willin to put their judgement to the test have the chance to do so via betting on the outcome of sports events, as well as many other seemingly small details and variable around them. However, this is only possible on the Internet, thanks to foreign sports betting companies which give them the chance to do so. Now OLG is willing to set its foot in this sector and bring more.
Leading Company Set to Bring More to the Field
It has been recently confirmed that the gaming company is on the hunt for a mutually beneficial arrangement with a company that could bring something new to the table and ultimately meet players’ high expectations. The original plan for action is for the joint venture to bring to life online and mobile wagering on sports events.
However, the future operation also opens a vast universe of potential paths of development, which could bring eSports betting, as well as novelty wagering to Canadians excited to give them a try. It is not a secret to anyone that the eSports world is one of the up-and-coming fields elevating competitive video gaming on a whole new level.
In a recent statement issued by the company’s spokesperson Tony Bitonti, it was stated that for the time being there are no additional details about the potential offering. These two additions would be more than welcomed by residents, as there are so many things they could bet on a daily basis. Plans also pinpoint the desire to explore live betting while events are still in progress.
Online Offerings Set to be Elevated in the Future
What will make the new offering stand out even more is the fact that it is set to feature a wider array of professional sports on which pkayers could bet, among which all major North American sports leagues, as well as sports all over the globe. It is all going to take place online, making the offering even more accessible.
Bede Gaming is the UK-based gaming company which is able to turn plans into reality, but it should be taken into account that OLG initially announced online sports wagering plans about a year ago. Up until this point thing have remained solely in their initial stages. Thanks to the recently arranged partnership the online platform is going to be updated and revolutionized.
Next year is projected to see the launch of the new platform, bringing riveting offerings to Ontario residents, as both OLG and Bede Gaming are excited for the opportunities to come. This improvement is projected to attract local players and prevent them from fueling foreign companies by boosting the privince’s leading gaming entity.

British Columbia’s First Nations Prepare for a Fair Slice of the Gambling Revenue Pie in 2019

This Thursday saw a long-anticipated decision being announced, as the gambling revenue of the British Columbia field is going to be shared with the Indigenous communities in the province. The change is going to take place starting next year, as it has been confirmed by Premier John Horgan at the fifth annual meeting at which leaders of First Nations came together to discuss various topics.
The prospect of gaming revenue sharing has been on the table for the past 20 years but up until this moment, not much has been done in this direction. In this sense, this Thursday was a special day for the British Columbia province as it brought the change and the official promise of the local government that the communities are going to be boosted by the gaming revenue generated through casino operation.
Revenue Sharing Arrangement on the Way
For the fifth consecutive time tribe leaders and the British Columbia government meet in order to discuss important subjects and move ahead with various projects. This time the discussion was especially productive, as come next year the province is going to see significant improvement in its gaming revenue distribution.
This move will be in alignment with existing policies in other provinces across Canada, as they have been providing their First Nations with a fair share of the revenue generated via gaming. February 2019 will see more details on the subject being released in the new budget presented by Finance Minister Carole James. With the help of this decision, tribal communities are going to significantly benefit and be able to utilize the allocated payments for various projects and planned renovations.
Furthermore, the Premier stated that the government seeks to work on a new legislation which is set to bring to life the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples. The idea exists in the public space ever since 2017 when the New Democratic Party made the promise it is going to introduce such in order to provide the First Nations with more control when it comes to development in their lands.
British Columbia Government Aims to Bring More
What needs to be done before February next year is more work on the promised declaration aiming to improve the tribal life within a community in general. The double announcement comes at a time when the province is struggling with money laundering investigations linking casino venues with illegal gambling rings stretching all the way to Mainland China and high-roller players.
First Nations will benefit immensely from the gaming revenue payments, as the support is going to be utilized for various improvements such as boosting the social services, schools across the nations, improvement of the roads, as well as funding the health sector. With the help of this two steps, the region is going to dedicate the year 2019 to strengthen the links between local government and the Indigenous communities within the borders of British Columbia.
British Columbia’s Regional Chief Terry Teegee of the Assembly of First Nations expressed his personal position on the matter, saying that this move is a crucial one for the region and it shows quite the progress in the right direction. With the said changes, the province is going to feature a set of rules which keeps a close eye on the First Nations and their intrinsic rights. On the other hand, the tribes themselves have been hoping for this change ever since the idea was first proposed 20 years ago.

British Columbia Goes to War against Casino Money Laundering Guided by Community Tip-Offs

The Canadian province of British Columbia is notoriously known for its money laundering issues emerging in the past months throughout its gaming field, a serious issue requiring special attention. With the help of a new page dedicated to tip-offs on the subject, local lawmakers are willing to take action with the help of the community.
It is no secret to anyone that residents of a given community are capable of providing reliable information when it comes to a given illegal operation taking place in their region. They will have the chance to boost the overall battle against the harmful practice via a specifically designated web portal which launched this weekend. Residents of British Columbia will be able to provide their essential input when it comes to fields to the liking of luxury cars, real estate, and horse racing.
Ilegal Practices Have Been Proliferating
Individual comments could be easily filed by people in the possession of information which is going to be confirmed throughout a following investigation. Furthermore, those interested in providing the portal with the personal help and reliable information also have the chance to receive more information as it emerges.
The said portal also provides people with the chance to sign up for regular updates, promising reliable news delivered in a timely manner. Starting now, people will have until January 31 to provide information via the portal, a time window which is estimated to be sufficient for generating enough tip-offs. People will have the chance to provide their crucial pieces of information by 4 p.m. The horse racing and luxury cars sectors will be closely observed, as criminals find it appealing enough to utilize them for their money laundering practices.

Dirty money has no place in British Columbia. I urge British Columbians to provide their input to the Expert Panel on Money Laundering to help ensure that our housing market is not used as a hub for criminal activity. Homes should be there to shelter people, not laundered money.
— Carole James (@carolejames) November 9, 2018

The real estate field has also shown indications that money laundering takes place. The portal aims to provide former Royal Canadian Mounted Police Deputy Commissioner Peter German with a much-needed help and further improve efforts of identifying instances of money laundering action and illegal practices. Organized crime has spread its influence throughout the aforementioned sectors as it has been confirmed by a report issued earlier this year, which managed to stir the pot in the province.
Casino Laundromats Subjected to Probes
The month of June brought the scandalous discovery that casino venues sprinkled throughout the province have been conducting money laundering for quite some time, while province lawmakers preferred to enable such illegal practice. An independent probe into the practice was conducted by the money-laundering expert Mr. German after he was given the task by BC Attorney General David Eby.
Prior to the investigation, it was known that there is a criminal activity conducted in the said venues located in Lower Mainland, but the reality was far more chilling. Gaming venues in operation in the region were dubbed “laundromats” as criminal rings were freely utilizing them for the washing of a substantial amount of illegally amassed cash. March 2019 is a month eyed by many, as it is set to see the official issuing of two reports concluding the findings of two parallel investigations currently in progress.
The first one is the one conducted by Mr. German, whereas the second one is led by former Deputy Attorney General Maureen Maloney. The latter aims to suggest improvements to the existing set of rules overseeing the field which could put an end to illegal practices.

Downtown Bar in Aurora to Continue Offering VGTs Despite New City Council Rules

A longtime bar situated in downtown Aurora, which was known as The Question Mark, is to continue to offer its video gambling terminals despite the city’s officials to limit the number of the gambling machines available to local customers.
The bar’s name was changed to The Web after the previous owner Bevery Bugbee took over from her mother in 1977, and is to continue operating under the same name under Ms. Bugbee’s nephew Dan Ardelean. Considering the ownership change, now Mr. Ardelean would have to file an application for a new Class A tavern liquor license with the Aurora City officials. The new license is expected to be approved during the regular City Council meeting which is set to take place tomorrow at 6:00 PM.
Currently, The Web features video gambling terminals, but the bar needs new gaming licenses from both the state and the city of Aurora. The new owner of the place revealed that he is currently in talks with the State Gaming Commission regarding the new license. After the state gambling regulatory body provides him with a license, he will have to get a separate license for the gambling terminals from the city officials.
According to Wendy McCambridge, an Aurora City Clerk, getting a new gambling terminals operation license would not be a problem, even though the competent authorities in the city of Aurora have changed the rules about video gambling.
New Rules Regarding VGTs Unveiled by Aurora City Council Earlier in 2018
Earlier in 2018, Aurora officials passed a new set of rules which regulate the number of gambling terminals in the city. The legislative package also includes some rules regulating the geographic distribution of the machines.
In March 2018, the city’s aldermen revealed their decision to put a limit to the number of VGTs in Aurora and to impose bigger taxes on local operators that offer such machines. The decision for the changes in the rules regulating the video gambling offering in the city was made by the Aurora City Council as part of its efforts to find the right balance between the future expansion sought by video gambling on one hand, and protection of the Hollywood Casino’s performance, on the other hand.
Under the new rules, the establishments which offer video gambling must be situated at no less than a mile-and-a-half of each other. The Web, however, is situated closer than that to another bar offering VGTs in downtown Aurora, Miss Lee’s. Still, Ms. McCambridge explained that the rule change applies to new establishments only. Considering the fact that The Web has been in operation through the ownership change, she said that there should be no problem for the bar to meet the City Council’s requirements to get a local gaming license.
The new regulatory provisions announced by the Council earlier this year will see the overall number of video gaming terminals reduced to 200 in the city, with local establishments permitted to offer no more than five machines.

Richmond Mayor Opposes Gateway Casinos’ Delta Cascades Casino Project after Council Approval

The mayor of Richmond, British Columbia, has severely criticized the plans for a new casino to be developed in the City of Delta. Mr. Malcolm Brodie has shared his concerns that the project would have a negative impact on the region, highlighting the lack of transit infrastructure and the possible impact which the casino could have on farming land.
Only a few days ago, the Delta Cascades Casino project received a final approval of the Delta City Council, but as predicted at the time, new obstacles are being faced by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment which is the owner of the casino project. The blessing of the City Council for an entertainment complex which is to include a casino venue, a five-story hotel, and a dining area seems to not be enough for the project to proceed forward.
According to Gateway Casinos, which is the company behind the proposed project, the opening of the new Delta Cascades Casino would be beneficial for the region. The gambling operator has said that hundreds of jobs would be created, while the annual revenue that would be brought to the City of Delta would amount to between CA$1.5 million and CA$3 million every year.
At the time when the City Council gave the green light to the project, Delta Councilor Bruce McDonald explained that the expected benefits are too good to pass up the opportunity to add more revenue to the city. According to Mr. McDonald, the city is prepared for some modifications, considering that Gateway Casinos wants to make a CA$75-million investment in the local community and employ 700 people.
Still, a final approval needs to be given to the casino and hotel project of Gateway Casinos by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) in order for the company to break ground.
Richmond to Send a Letter of Concern to BCLC
Unfortunately for Gateway Casinos, not everyone has been so benevolent to the proposed casino and hotel project. Richmond has previously opposed the project, with mayor Brodie now saying that the location of the development is “terrible”.
Mr. Brodie explained that the destination where the casino is set to be placed is situated in a car-oriented destination which lacks any real public transportation because it is on agricultural land. According to him, a possible development in the region would have a negative impact on the Agricultural Land Reserve. Apart from that, Richmond’s mayor has shared concerns that the new casino, which is expected to start operation in 2020, could “steal” some of the customers of the River Rock Casino.
Now, the mayor of Richmond revealed that the city is planning to send a letter to share its concerns with the BCLC – a step, which could lead to a non-binding dispute resolution process.

Labor Day Marks Start of Atlantic City Seasonal Employee Layoffs

Atlantic City will see layoffs of seasonal employees start after Labor Day, with the nine hotel and casino properties in the resort also to shed some jobs with the summer coming to an end.
Only a couple of months after the casino industry of Atlantic City reported employing over 30,000 people for the first time in almost four years, the overall number of workers there is expected to fall below that threshold. Still, industry experts shared an opinion that the results are still not alarming, even in case that this year’s numbers look worse.
The openings of the Ocean Resort Casino and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in June brought more workers to Atlantic City, with casino employment being pushed beyond the 30,000 mark. As revealed by the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) of New Jersey, 6,877 more people were employed by the local casino resorts in August in comparison to 2017.

According to information shared by the DGE, the total number of people employed by AC casinos was 30,217. Out of them, 22,177 were the full-time jobs, while the number of part-time casino workers was 2,973. The remaining 5,067 positions were categorized as “other”, which usually describes the category of temporary and seasonal workers.
The former executive director of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, Jim Kennedy, commented on the expected layoffs, sharing his expectations to see no less than 1,000 people to be dismissed from their positions between Labor Day and October. According to Mr. Kennedy, the decline would come as a part of the normal seasonal employment’s fluctuation.
Layoffs at Two New Casinos in AC Will Make Employment Picture Look Worse
Bob McDevitt, president of Unite Here Local 54, the union representing local casino workers, commented on the expected seasonal job dismissals, the two new properties in Atlantic City would also see some layoffs to cut over-staffing. According to him, possible job cuts in both the Ocean Resort Casino and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City venues will make the employment landscape in the region seem even worse.
“When you open a casino, you always overhire, as a practice, because you don’t know who is going to show up those first few days. (…) Every casino that has ever opened has had to lay off.” – Bob McDevitt
The last time when the number of employees in the Atlantic City casinos passed the 30,000 threshold, was in 2014. As mentioned above, the two new casinos in the resort have helped push the total employment of the industry back over that mark.
Both the Ocean Resort Casino and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City started operation on June 27th. The two new resorts accounted for a combined 8,184 jobs in July, a figure which represented 27% of the industry’s total. The total number of jobs at the Hard Rock amounted to 4,393, while Ocean Resort’s employees totaled 3,791, making them respectively the second- and third-largest employees in Atlantic City after Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. The later remained the top job creator in the AC casino sector, reporting 5,938 employees in July.

Gateway Reveals Design and Name for Proposed Delta Casino

Last week, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment revealed the design of the proposed casino complex, which is to be built at the Delta Town & Country Inn site in Ladner. The company also announced that the new property would be a Cascades-branded casino. However, the casino needs to receive official approval from City Council, following the public hearing scheduled for May 1.
The proposed gambling and entertainment complex would be developed and operated by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, one of the largest gambling operators in Canada. The $70 million property would have around 500 slot machines and 24 gaming tables, as well as Gateway’s signature restaurant brands, MATCH Eatery and Public House, ATLAS Steak + Fish and The Buffet. In addition, the complex is expected to feature a hotel with up to 124 rooms, more restaurants, meeting space and around 800 free parking spaces. There would also be a theatre for live events that would diversify the entertainment options and attract more customers.
The Cascades Casino Delta would bring up to 700 new jobs to the area and would result in various economic opportunities for Ladner and the City of Delta, according to Gateway’s CEO Tony Santo. The company explains that the design and theme of the Cascades brand are built around the concept of “play”, which means that the complex would be much more than just a casino venue. It would be a full-service local entertainment facility with sophisticated amenities in combination with “casual ambiance”.
The new property would be yet another Cascades-branded casino for Gateway as it already operates several Cascades venues in Langley, Penticton, and Kamloops, British Columbia. The proposal is expected to go before Delta City Council this May. Before this, a public hearing for the rezoning application is scheduled for Tuesday, May 1. If the project receives approval from City Council and all required permits from the province and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, the existing 49-room Delta Town and Country Inn would be demolished this summer and construction of the new complex would start by the end of the year. The company hopes that the new casino would be fully operational by 2020.
Cascades Casino Delta Will Not Increase Crime, Problem Gambling
Not everyone is particularly enthusiastic about the development of a new casino in Ladner. Opponents of the casino have expressed multiple concerns, including traffic problems, increase in crime rates and prevalence of problem gambling. Gateway, however, has addressed these issues and recently, it said that the current road network would be perfectly capable to accommodate the peak traffic caused by the proposed casino. In a traffic analysis, the company points out that there is a congestion associated with the George Massey Tunnel, but the road infrastructure would be able to deal with any increased traffic from the casino during peak periods.
The other concern, that the new casino would lead to increased crime rates, is unfounded, according to Delta police. In an interview for a local media outlet, Delta Police Department Chief Neil Dubord says that he does not expect a surge in violent crime or property crime, as no single research paper suggest a link between the two. One of the biggest issues raised by opponents of the proposed Cascades Casino Delta is that would fuel a gambling addiction. The relationship between the prevalence of problem gambling and the presence of gambling facilities have been researched and proven multiple times.
The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), however, says that it has taken steps to help problem gamblers. According to the agency, the casino in Delta would promote responsible gambling by offering casino products that feature special software that reminds patrons of the amount they have wagered and the time they have spent on a particular game. The BCLC also says that it offers problem gamblers assistance through dedicated programs, namely the Game Sense program, and helps people find counselling, which is free of charge for anyone in the province.

Shorelines Casino Peterborough Closure Harms Coffers

Shorelines Casino Peterborough remains closed for business, as it strives to protect both its casino staff members and the patrons frequenting it. Projections are that the closed casino venue is about to harm the city coffers depriving Peterborough of the regular casino cash flow coming their way. The upcoming weeks of closure are about to increase the deficit with some CA$960,235.

No casino operation means that there is no gambling revenue being generated by the people of Peterborough and subsequently there are no casino revenue allocations sent to the city coffers of the region. Local projects of various nature are not supported by the said allocations and many of them have been put on a pause for the time being, at least until life gets back to its normal pace.
No Gaming Revenue Allocations

Shorelines Casino Peterborough is among the relatively new casino locations in Ontario, as it welcomed its first patrons in the fall months of 2018. People were intrigued to discover everything new up for grabs on the premises of the casino complex. The unprecedented situation around the globe, as well as in Canada led to the closure of all brick-and-mortar casino venues and gambling halls mid-March.

Peterborough Believes Casino Cash Would Alleviate Major Projects Burden

In a recent statement, local officials have issued a projection regarding the money Peterborough could miss over the upcoming weeks. The months between March and June are expected to increase a revenue loss amounting to CA$6.9 million for the city coffers. The estimation comes from the city finance staff that have taken into account many factors contributing to this revenue allocation.

Shorelines Casino Peterborough Is the End of Half-Century-Old Restaurant

The casino venue is among them, but there is also the free bus rides taking place across the city. The 2020 city budget would be harmed by the deficit and the only thing this could be alleviated is via the cost savings the City of Peterborough is trying to implement.
City Coffers
Parking fees only are expected to bring a loss of CA$759,400, whereas the local arenas are expected to see a loss of CA$746,071 without live events. A couple of weeks ago, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation sent the city its regular gaming revenue allocation for the financial quarter spanning between January 1 and March 31, 2020.

Shorelines Casino Peterborough Offers Hefty First Gaming Revenue Allocation

It amounted to CA$620,889 to the City of Peterborough and it was affected by the two-week closure that was in place at that point. Now the closure has extended to nearly ten weeks and expectations are that this would negatively impact the next gaming revenue allocation coming in June. Ever since the official opening of the casino venue, the city has received more than CA$4 million in non-tax gaming revenue.

Peterborough Braces for CA$4-Million Cheque Generated by Shorelines Casino

As for the 2019/2020 fiscal year, it managed to amass some CA$3,105,693 for the city coffers and many local projects and improvements. It could be recalled that the casino venue offered the host community a hefty first allocation cheque mid-March 2019. It amounted to CA$705,606 over the span of three months between October 15, 2018, and December 31, 2018.

Caesars Windsor Casino Employees Support Strike Action

Workers at the popular Ontario Caesars Windsor casino have supported strike action, with an overwhelming majority of 98,3 per cent of them voting to stop work if their demands have not been met. This was announced Wednesday evening by Unifor Local 444, the trade union, representing employees at the casino.
The unionized Caesars Windsor workers attended an information meeting and strike vote organized by Unifor Local 444 at Fogolar Furlan Club on Wednesday. Four groups of workers voted in four separate ballots held throughout the day and in the evening, the union announced that 98,3 per cent of Caesars Windsor’s employees supported strike actions if necessary. The union’s Third Vice-President Doug Boughner said that employees would stop work if the deal with the casino management is unsatisfactory.
Negotiations between workers and the casino started in February but so far, the two parties have not reached an agreement. Talks resume Thursday, but workers are not optimistic – in case Unifor Local 444 cannot strike a fair deal for them until their current contract expires, they will walk away from work. Contracts expire on April 4, which means that a new agreement needs to be signed in less than two weeks.
Boughner, who is the trade union’s liaison for the casino workers, said that despite the risk of a labour strike, Unifor Local 444 is, after all, happy with the results of the vote, as it clearly shows that workers support the Unifor’s bargaining committee. He added that the committee does not want a strike, but that affirmative action should be taken.
Negotiations with Caesars Windsor Casino
Talks between the union’s bargaining committee and representatives of Caesars Windsor casino began in February and the two parties have met over non-monetary issues multiple times. The union says that workers earn an average of CA$19 per hour and this includes skilled trade workers. However, the average payment drops to $17 per hour in case skilled trade workers are excluded. According to data, provided by the Windsor-based Unifor Local 444, the union represents approximately 2,300 workers from the casino.
The two sides cannot agree on a number of points, including the wages. The minimum hourly wage in Ontario rose to $14 on January 1, which gives workers hope that the casino would agree to increase salaries. But negotiators are also in discussions regarding pensions, as well as issues in relation to workplace conditions.
Caesars Windsor is one of the most popular casino resorts in the Canadian Province of Ontario and the U.S. Midwest. It can be easily seen from Detroit and it is believed to be one of the major reasons behind the legalization of casino gaming in Detroit. Interestingly, Detroit’s Greektown Casino-Hotel, which was constructed several years after the opening of Caesars Windsor, has quite a similar theme to its Canadian rival. Ontario’s Caesars Windsor has two hotel towers, a 5,000-seat arena, and a total gaming area of 100,000 sq ft.

Resorts World Casino NYC Brings Online Concerts, Giveaways

Resorts World Casino New York City is ready to make the social distancing even more exciting for its patrons and people affiliated, as it would bring live entertainment closer to them. May 1 is about to see the official launch of online live streams featuring renowned artists such as George LaMond and Jury Torres. Fans are expected to make their way to the social media channels of the casino hotspot.

Social distancing is a recommended practice right now, as it aims to protect players’ health. It also allows them to explore various pastime activities now that they actually have the time to do so and many people have found their new hobby. The free time could also be enhanced with live streams and more music than ever.
Online Excitement

Resorts World Casino New York City is aware of the need for connection and live music in people’s lives which is what sparked the conversation regarding live performances online. The first day of May is about to bring the official beginning of a tradition that would keep individuals glued to their computer screens. This would keep them entertained for hours and make the social distancing a less lonely period of time.

Resorts World Catskills Welcomes New President, CEO Full of Hopes

Keeping in touch with your friends and family is crucial, but there are other forms of social gatherings that could also make the period a more special one. May 1 is about to bring the first live performance by George LaMond, who is about to perform some of his greatest hits to the likes of “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Que Te Vas”. Along with him, players are going to enjoy the enchanting nature of Judy Torres.

NYS Commercial Casinos Brace for Sports Wagering Loss

She is about to perform the critically acclaimed hits “No Reason to Cry”, “Please Stay Tonight” and many more. All casino fans and people from near and far are invited to enjoy the live performance streamed on social media and party in their home.
Live Events Starting Friday
WCBS “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi is about to be the moderator of this first live stream and all viewers would be able to enjoy his live commentary on the performances and everything happening in the world right now. Everyone interested in listening to their favorite artists would also have the chance to ask them a question during the special Q&A session part of this live stream.

Resorts World New York Could be Remedy for Empire Resorts’ Pain

This is expected to make the experience even more personal, as performers would be able to reveal more about themselves. The special online event is about to draw people together at 8 p.m. and last for about an hour this Friday. Individuals interested are invited to celebrate the end of the workweek in the comfort of their home.

Resorts World Catskills Cuts Ribbon on NY Largest Poker Space

Upcoming weeks are expected to bring more of this type of entertainment. Resorts World Casino New York City made it clear that the casino hotspot is going to bring many giveaways, promotions, legendary groups, and notable artists down the road, making the weeks to come even more exciting. Having something to look forward to would lift the spirits of many fans.